Windows on Acland Street

Windows on Acland Street

Windows on Acland Street is a major public art project that has been specifically designed to introduce major sculptural works from leading local artists to the Acland Street streetscape, one of Melbourne’s historical cultural icons.

City of Port Phillip

Big Sculpture, the producers of this event, will introduce an exciting sculptural landscape to the street, invigorating the environment, engaging shoppers, locals, and visitors and affirming the ability of art to enhance our surroundings.

We will engage artists to exhibit their work in a curated public arena, to engage with a wider audience, and to stimulate and entertain both locals and visitors. The artworks will be visible and illuminated 24/7 for the benefit of all, early birds and night owls.

Our exhibition format pays due regard to restrictions that Covid19 has placed on the artist and viewer. With traditional exhibition spaces/galleries having to work within social distancing requirements our project allows for these contemporary works to be enjoyed in safety.

Using popular QR information technology the spectator will use their personal mobile devices to access information about the art and artist, their social media sites, and biographies as part of the exhibition experience.

We are building on the success and community relevance of our innovative 2019 bigsculpture@vegout exhibition by curating and exhibiting accessible sculptures of the highest calibre for the benefit of artists, traders, locals, and visitors alike.